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Top Skills to Succeed as a Hairdresser in Paddington

Paddington in Australia is a special place with all its peculiarities as an inner-city suburb. When tourists enter “Paddo” and want to make their hair, they have certain expectations. And these hairdressing skills go beyond mere cutting and coloring of hairs (those two are excellent skills, too, anyway). 

To win clients, earn their trust and their recommendations, you will need more than a good pair of scissors. Therefore, this article describes some of the outstanding skills every Paddington hairdresser should possess for success.

At the same time, this article is not claiming to cover all skills and techniques in hairdressing. But just as formal training can help you start, experience and personal development can keep you going. Before we dive in, what does a hairstylist or hairdresser do?

What does a Hairdresser in Paddington do?

According to the US Bureau of Statistics, some of a hair stylist’s required duties include cutting, styling, and coloring. When a client walks into your hairdressing salon, they may or may not have a picture in their mind. But the stylist must at once know what they need and how to give it. 

The hairdresser will do well to make the hair; they may also help clients continue to care for the hair at home. Home care for the hair requires some essential items such as hair shampoo, conditioner, gel, hair treatment, hair color, etc. 

Simultaneously, the stylist has some tools at hand, including scissors, flat irons, blow dryers, hairbrushes, gloves, curls, and others. A hairdresser in Paddington may be required to do the following activities per day. click here to learn more about hair shampoo.

  • Always greet clients and provide them comfort
  • Ask what the clients want and make professional suggestions
  • Agree on the hairstyle option and payment with the client
  • Sanitize all the instruments to work within the recommended ways
  • Wash, brush, lighten and condition the hair as deem fit
  • Dress the hair by drying, cutting, and styling. If there are wigs, do the same for them
  • Clean and disinfect all the used tools and the work surrounding
  • Make professional recommendations about the hair and the scalp as appropriate
  • Sell salon products and discuss special offers
  • Get customers’ feedback

Skills Hairdressers in Paddington should have to succeed

Among all the required skills that a hairdresser needs to succeed in Paddington, some skills stand out than others. For instance, you may have technical skills in styling the hair. Still, your clients may detest a time-wasting or dirty work environment. So, let us consider these top skills.

1. Creativity

Hairdressers must learn that everyone that walks through their door wants to stand out in their fashion and pioneer new things. And practically speaking, there may not be many new things; you only have to add your creativity to make it unique. 

Besides, many clients like to have your advice on their hair, and you must have the creativity to know what works for them. Moreover, originality also lies in understanding the head’s lines and shapes while bringing something new each time. 

2. Customer-service Skills

You might have heard that the customer service part of a business can make or mar it. Since a hairdresser’s job is a regular one per day, it is essential to keep every client happy. Unfortunately, this concept doesn’t consider the possibility that the hairdresser may not always be in a good mood. The clients expect the best service at all times.

So, before styling your client, get yourself in a good mood through music or speaking with someone you love. A happy stylist must likely make a happy client, and both parties get what they want. Another lesson here is that the hairdresser must talk less but listen and work more to focus.

3. Listening

Just yesterday, I was behind a man who got into an argument with the waiter in a restaurant. It made me wonder how many people look as if they hear but are not paying enough attention to listen. The man clearly stated what he wanted, but the waiter wasn’t listening. The man got mad when she brought the order, and it was directly opposite to how he wanted it.

If your job involves attending to people, kindly learn to art of listening to them. Little wonder, waiters take small notes to scribble what the customer is saying. The same goes for hairdressers who have a salon in Paddington – listen more than you talk. Many times, the clients are just talking without clarity. Still, if you don’t listen, you won’t ask the right questions, and the performance will likely be terrible. visit to learn about the importance of listening to your customers.

4. Patience

In rendering a hairstyling service to customers in Paddington, you must also be very patient. One of the crucial reasons for patience is that some clients don’t know what they want. So, they may go back and forth a few times and still not be clear. So, don’t get too hasty, rude, or worse still, snap at the client.

Besides, have the patience to deal with complaints and dissatisfactory reports. Learn to apologize as part of courtesy and plan to make necessary adjustments as the client may want it. Even if your clients sound very rude and obnoxious, be calm enough to bear their rage and gently persuade them.

5. Physical Stamina

Hairdressers or stylists often have to stand on their feet for long hours at a stretch. Therefore, there is a need to be physically strong to meet up the demands. More so, Paddington is a relatively busy place in which clients flock in and out. At intervals between clients, you may take a break to walk around or sit.

Also, the stylist must show a high level of mastery in grabbing stuff and using the fingers. It requires coordination, accuracy, and quick movements to impress the clients to become successful, finger agility, and organization.


On a final note, the nature of hairdressing in Paddington requires some essential Hairdresser skills for excellence. Simultaneously, it is not enough to have the basic knowledge of hairdressing and build excellent skills. If you have developed these skills and are confident, you can promote and maintain them for future success. If you don’t have them yet, work on them towards a brighter future. 

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