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Set Up Your Own Paint and Dry Party in Sydney

The trend of paint and spy is undoubtedly increasing both online and in the physical studio across Sydney. At the same time, the general idea of painting while drinking in a local studio involves the provision of all the required materials. Each participant has a set of painting kits with which they paint their canvas which carries their footprint. At the same time, paint and sip involve painting your favourite masterpiece and taking your favourite wine along. Click here to learn more about Paint and Sip Dry Party in Sydney.

The entire process is full of fun, while a professional guide shows you the way. However, if you want to be the host for a paint and sip party, what are the things to put in place? And about finding the people to host, that is not a problem at all. You can either start with your family or friends or even co-members of the same workplace. I can assure you that you will not only have lots of fun, but you will also create an enabling environment for many people like you.

Steps to follow in DIY Paint and Sip in Sydney

Step 1: Choose a Painting you love

The first step towards a successful DIY paint and sip session is choosing your favourite masterpiece painting. If you are an artist, you may pick one from your collection. But if not, check online for some of the fanciest paintings for the work. One of the most accessible platforms to find quality images of painting includes Pinterest, where you can keep searching until you find the right one. Depending on the exact things you are looking for, you may search by colour, style or genre.

Step 2: Gather your Supplies

A paint and sip session cannot hold until you have a structured plan on getting all the required materials. The materials are also not what fits you as a person but enough to go for all the participants. In other words, it is part of the host’s duty to supply the artists with all the tools and materials they need, including paints. So, what are the actual items to provide?

  • Black and white as well as colour print papers for sketches and drafts. You will need to print a black and white image of the painting for each participant before you begin.
  • A grey graphite artist paper that you can cut into up to 8 x 10 pieces 
  • Studio 71 acrylic paints containing your choice colours following your selected masterpiece. Therefore, you need to learn the predominant colours in your masterpiece and choose them when buying paints. Also, since you will be hosting a team of artists, you may need to buy large tubes of these paint colours.
  • The studio 71 acrylic paint set
  • Sets of paintbrushes of different styles and sizes
    • Flat brushes
    • Round and flat brushes
    • Round #2, 4, 7 and 8
  • Disposable cups containing water for each participant
  • Paper towels of dirty clothes for cleaning
  • Refreshments of snacks and drink

Step 3: Prepare your canvas

The next step is to prepare your canvas, which is the surface on which the actual painting will occur. Simply cut a piece of graphite paper to the size of the canvas. The next thing is to lay your graphite paper on the canvas with the graphite size. Place the printed painting copy on top of the graphite and trace out the image onto the canvas. Meanwhile, while tracing, note all the contours, curves and shapes on the tracing outline. Also, after the comprehensive tracing process, you can now lift the papers and ensure all details have been transferred to the canvas. 

Step 4: Let the Painting begin

Now it is time to really dig in and start the painting properly. The first stage is to set up the initial splash on the canvas, but that depends on the type of painting you are doing. Then, you need to start painting the background for the painting. What colour is on the background, and what is the texture? Some people may choose black, some white, while others pick navy blue. But the most important thing is that it must match the masterpiece drawing you’re trying to reproduce. If you wish to add your own uniqueness to the painting, you may experiment with other background colours. It will depend on the interpretation you give it. 

Step 5: Add the other elements of the painting

After picking and painting the background colour while taking your drink once in a while, it is time to fix the other elements. Again, this step largely depends on what you are seeing in the masterpiece. Begin with the simpler ones and paint gently while not forgetting to follow any of the graphic patterns and flow of texture. Some portions may appear deeper because of an intense touch of the brush. However, other parts may appear faint with the same colour depending on the pressure of the brush. Let this also reflect in your painting. While some may decide to stick to the exact colour in the masterpiece, others may rogue and pick their own colours. It’s all part of the fun.

Step 6: Remember to keep the conversation alive

As the painting goes on, remember o keep the conversation alive with all the chatters and discussion. Meanwhile, since you’re enjoying your wine in the sip and paint session, you have one extra thing to talk about. It’s fun to see different people give different exclamations about their painting and other people’s. At times, it is about how terrible the painting looks and at other times, it is about what’s working and what is not. 

Step 7: Tidy up the loose ends

Now that you have done the central part of the work, it is time to start tidying up all the loose ends. Start to finish the dots and improves the shades to bring your painting as close as possible to the original. Without fear, the process of finishing up your painting may also take some time. In other words, it may take a while before you can actually refer to your painting as finished. But then, that process is also part of the fun of paint and sip parties in Sydney. 


The paint and sip party in Sydney gives you a fresh opportunity to enjoy the company of your friends and loved ones. More so, it becomes a good excuse for a get together to do something productive. And suppose you belong to a group of staff or association. In that case, it can also improve your bonding and affection for one another. Moreover, these two ingredients are essential for a productive life. Check out the offers from Pinot & Picasso today for your paint and sip parties here in Sydney. 

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