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Ultimate Online Tools Every Hairdresser Salon in Paddington Should Use

When you start a small hairdresser Paddington shop, your plan should also provide for growth and expansion. However, in a digital world like ours, it is nearly impossible to compete at a high level without specific online tools at your disposal. No matter your business level, endeavor to integrate online tools that can speed up your growth, speed, and productivity. Besides, it also provides an opportunity to prepare your team members for the task ahead and meet the current demands. 

The use of online tools may also be the edge you need to build above your competitors. Meanwhile, the administrative tasks may become very cumbersome as the business grows. Some of these administrative tasks may be as simple as logging in customer complaints or staff attendance and performance monitoring. So, without these online tools, you or others may not be able to cope with the new demands. 

If you live out all your dreams as a successful entrepreneur, you need online tools to give you the right push. In the quest for the best online tools to promote a beauty salon, we have selected the best 5. These tools can help you manage your business efficiently and for a long time. Meanwhile, many of them are free or allows you to use a free version. Let’s dive in right away. visit to learn about to skills to succeed as a hairdresser in paddington.

Best Online tools available to a Hairdresser in Paddington

1. GSuite

The GSuite is a combination of Google apps, including Google Drive and Gmail. This combination of tools, among others, is essential to the success of any business. Gone are the analog days – we are now in a digital world, and every company must take advantage of these online tools. The Goole drive, for instance, allows you to share any content, such as documents, videos, images, and other file types, with others with mail.

For instance, a potential customer may not have to come to your salon to access your catalog of styles and choices. They only need the link to your online database of these collections. It is on a secure platform that only administrators can edit. Also, apart from sharing contents, you can keep all your things organized as Google drive helps to range contents into folders. Gmail allows you to share sensitive content by mail to a customer. All these tools have cloud storage that keeps your content safe and secure. 

2. Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is the innovation that gives your business space in the online directory. One of this tool’s outstanding benefits is that potential audience, particularly those within your locality, can find your business. Isn’t that amazing? Anyone searching for a “Paddington hair salon” within your locality can easily find your business among others. And depending on certain factors, you can even appear at the top of the list.

One of the factors that determine how you rank in that search results includes the SEO of your page. The GMB also functions like a website (Google gives your business a designated website page). Your customized GMB page can also contain vital information about your business, including physical address, open hours, phone numbers to contact, email, and other essential information. It also includes pictures, videos, and, most importantly, customer reviews to establish your business credibility.  click here to learn more about google my business.

3. Canva

Canva is an online graphic design tool that can come in handy for quick and fascinating images, videos, clips, forms, and social media content. The site offers free packages to create visual content from unique templates for practically whatever you may need. You can even create a working folder for members of your salon staff. When it comes to creating impressive image designs in no time, Canva is the perfect tool to use.

Even without much graphics design skill, you can still use Canva through its templates containing stock images. It also features some of the carefully selected powerful fonts by the best designers in the world. Amazingly, you can create these images and export them for free to wherever you need them. Explore the vast expanse of the Canva space to develop and export beautiful photos.

4. Shore

The Shore is one of the fascinating administrative tools for a hair salon in Paddington. It takes care of your basic needs. This tool can help you schedule, fix, manage and reschedule appointments and bookings with customers. Besides, you can also use Shore to send out automated appointment reminders to customers to prevent any case of no-shows. On the other hand, you may get busy sending out a manual reminder to the customer.

In terms of marketing, Shore also has an essential role in offering web design services, newsletter publication and distribution, client profile database, and success metrics. Besides, the Shore platform makes it possible to have an app for your business that contains all your desired features, including ease of payment and customized messages to users. Meanwhile, you can monetize your app download and use it on the other hand. 

5. Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest)

Here comes the big game player – the social media tools. By the way, the principal social media tools available to a hairdresser in Paddington includes Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. For instance, each of these platforms allows you to create a business page, where customers can find everything that pertains to your business. They all support the sharing of audiovisual content, which is the best combination of content types in the digital space.

On the other hand, apart from the organic presence on these social media platforms, you can also run ads with them. For instance, Facebook and Instagram (in joint marketing) allow you to promote new offers, packages or showcase your customer’s video feedbacks and reviews. Therefore, you can take advantage of these platforms to show how well your business is doing to the world. Imagine over 1.2 billion users on Facebook daily seeing your business posts. 


Space and time won’t allow us to talk about all the available online tools you need to drive your business to achieve your dreams. However, you can begin with these five tools, while the fifth one is combining many online tools. When you effectively implement these online tools, you can create unforgettable experiences for your customers. They, in turn, also spread the word about your hair salon as one of the best in Paddington. 

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