RANA -Reading an Numeracy activity in North-Western Nigeria

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Overview of RANA

I spent my summer practicum working as a Technical Intern at Fhi360 on the Global Education Team as part of my summer practicum.

My work focused on creating mother-tongue literacy materials for upper primary grades as part of a UNICEF funded project (RANA, 2015- present) in Northeastern Nigeria. The project was designed to improve literacy and numeracy instruction in primary 1 to 3 in both public schools and Integrated Qur’anic schools in Northwestern Nigeria

I supported the creation of teacher guides, teacher training manuals and facilitated a writers’ workshop for creating leveled texts in Hausa for use in the classroom. This literacy program was delivered in mother tongue, which for the region is Hausa. Research strongly supports the use of mother tongue in teaching and supporting early grade literacy. 

Though my understanding of Hausa is merely conversational, I was able to work with a team to create high quality texts for use in the classroom. Working with a translator was challenging because it was important that the text be kept at the appropriate age-level for students.

 Another challenge was the limitations of the Hausa language in expressing certain ideas in a colorful manner suited to children. We overcame these challenges by going through several review sessions and rigorous feedback. We also used high quality engaging illustrations to bring the text alive. It was a lot of fun engaging my creative side in such a challenging manner and the end product was well worth it. 

I really enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with different stakeholders and engage my intercultural competence. The inter-institutional collaboration between UNICEF, DFID, FHI360 and the Nigerian Government was also great to see and be a part of. 


  • PARTNERS: UNICEF, DFID, Federal Government of Nigeria
  • DURATION: June- August 2019
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