Welcome to my Portfolio

Through my master’s degree in International Education Policy and Management at Vanderbilt Peabody college I have had the pleasure of working, producing, questioning, theorizing and exploring various problems as they relate to International Education. I’ve been fortunate to be able to apply my experience on the field and in varied contexts to the field of study.

Prior to the program, I lived and worked in Nigeria. I brought my field experience, several years of teaching, and over 1000 classroom observations with me to the program. It has been illuminating to see connections between my past work and current study, while also deepening my knowledge. My passion for education was birthed from personal experience, seeing the acute need in impoverished communities and the power of education to lift people out of poverty. The passion has only been further ignited

For me seeing the direct connection between education- Girls education in particular- to various aspects of global human development has further fueled my passion in the field. How do we ensure access to high quality education to the most vulnerable children? What practices promote gender equity in the classroom? How are we using the resources we have now to create the best learning environments while we wait for things to improve? How can countries on the African continent prepare their youth for a global world? These questions and many more have caused me to reflect and ask even deeper questions.

I present this portfolio as some of my work through the course of my studies. It is not exhaustive as my questions and inquiry continue to deepen each day and lead to new explorations. Instead I present this work as the culmination of my interests, passion in educational access for African children and the creativity and leadership in which I approach problem solving in this area. 

My first artifact is a podcast I produced in collaboration with my colleagues. This artifact speaks to my ability to synthesize information and present it in a new medium. It also speaks to my creativity and ability to collaborate with others to produce a well-rounded product. My second artifact, work I did at FHI360 speaks to my technical expertise in materials development, my ability to work with different stakeholders, manage various needs and take on leadership. Finally, my last artifact speaks to my ability to collaborate, merging program design and research design skills with my passion for girls education in the African region. 

Education in Africa Podcast
RANA (Reading and Numeracy activity) in Northern Nigeria
Teacher development and training
Children's non-fiction workshop. Kano, Nigeria
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